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Logo do Museu Índia Vanuíre

Working Hours And Admission

Public visitation

The India Vanuíre Museum is open to public visitation by:

Tuesdays to Sundays
from 9am to 6pm

from 9am to 8pm

including holidays


The Institution does not open on Mondays (except holidays) and Elections.

Dockets end of year

Christmas Eve – 24/12
open until 1pm

Christmas – 25/12

New Year’s Eve – 31/12
open until 1pm

New Year – 01/01

Voluntary Admission

Índia Vanuíre Museum invites the public to take part into the institution’s history, by contributing to perpetuate cultural and social actions, which are developed with the community of Tupã and other visitors.

A possible way to promote the sustainability, in an inclusive manner, was to adopt a voluntary admission model, known all over the world as PWYW – “pay what you want”, which came into effect in June. The visit is still free, but, at the end of it, visitors are invited to donate the value they want to the institution, if they can.

This method of collecting has seemed to be an important way to remove the barrier of the admission issue, inspiring people’s kindness so they can contribute to cultural initiatives. To make the donation, a specific section was created at the museum, which exhibits the diversity of social and educative actions done by the museum.

Visitor Information

  • Visiting a museum should be a moment of pleasure. Register this moment filming or taking pictures without the flash.
  • At the museum, the elderly, challenged, pregnant women and people with small children have preferential access.
  • The museum space is shared with other people. Therefore, avoid talking loud on the phone or with others.
  • For the public’s comfort there are internal water fountains. For preventive conservation reasons, it is not allowed to eat or drink in the museum areas.
  • The museum has a maximum visitor capacity for everyone’s safety and that of the collection. In the event this capacity is reached, the entrance will be allowed after another visitor leaves.
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