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Logo do Museu Índia Vanuíre

Virtual Visit

Know Índia Vanuíre Museum through interactive 360-degree images. A technological digital-media evolution that allows for a complete view of environments in any direction from a fixed observation point. Have fun with this fascinating experience visiting the museum online.

how the virtual visit works

Wait for the first image to appear in the frame above. Then, when the image is available, click the frame and drag the mouse in any direction.

additional resources

upper menu

Note that there is a menu on the top of the image. Through this resource you can load other images that are part of the virtual visit.

navigation bar

You can also control the movement of the image or the zoom through the navigation-bar buttons located on the lower part of the frame. If you prefer, use the keys SHIFT and CONTROL for the zoom.

full screen

On the navigation bar there also is a button (located to the extreme left) that allows you to view the image in full-screen mode. To return to the original view, use the ESC key.

start now your virtual tour
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