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Logo do Museu Índia Vanuíre

Visit Scheduling

Índia Vanuíre Museum organizes the group scheduling service to meet the great demand with quality.

Below we inform the days and times available for group visits.

In the event you are interested in scheduling a visit or joining the waiting list for the days already booked, please contact the museum calling (55) (14) 3491-2333 or (55) (14) 3491-2202.

If there are cancellations, the openings will be made available respecting the waiting list order.

Índia Vanuíre Museum thanks you for your understanding and is available to answer any questions you may have.

Group visits – plan, enjoy, explore


  • The visit to a museum is always an educational activity. We expect it to be stimulating and instigating. Therefore, we help teachers to prepare themselves and their students.
  • Group visits must always be scheduled to avoid excess visitors and ensure the best service and more comfort. Each group can have no more than 40 students.
  • The museum organizes itself for the visit to last approximately 1 hour and a half so it can be as fruitful as possible.
  • Teacher, if possible, please visit the museum beforehand, talk to the educators about it, ask your questions, offer your ideas and make suggestions. With that, it will be easier to prepare at school before. It will be more interesting too, since the museum will be able to prepare something special for your students.
  • All school-group visits must be accompanied by a teacher and/or education professional assigned by the school to accompany the group, being responsible for them. These professionals are responsible for the group from the moment they leave the school until they return. Every 40-student group must be accompanied by at least two (2) chaperones.
  • The school should schedule with the transportation company and the bus driver the time of arrival to and departure from the museum, ensuring the students and chaperones’ safety and comfort.


Teacher, when arriving at the museum,

  • Keep your students together, leading them from the bus to the entrance;
  • Introduce yourself at the reception desk;
  • Help the museum team keep the students organized;
  • Participate in the conversation;
  • Ask questions, offer examples;
  • Help the museum educator, but let him lead the visit, that way you can enjoy it too.

The museum is a cultural environment, so being relaxed is important. There are conservation, safety and conviviality standards. These standards remind us that we cannot eat or drink, run, talk loud, invade another visitor’s space, etc. But the rules do not hinder anyone’s participation, and most of all they do not impose a limiting discipline. Talk, discuss, laugh, play, and enjoy the museum.


Give sequence to the visit in the classroom,

  • Ask for the museum team’s help on how to give continuity;
  • Check the bibliographic material available;
  • Ask to borrow material such as videos;
  • Build strategies;
  • Give it an end starting with the planning, give feedback to the parents and the director.

Ask the museum team about other activities.

To help

The museum has a cloakroom available to the visitors. Nonetheless, to avoid problems we suggest that large items, such as backpacks, be left in the bus. To the tourism guides, we ask you to advise your group so that everyone can have great memories of Índia Vanuíre Museum in Tupã.

The museum does not have its own parking lot.

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